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Socialwick vs. Tikdroid

Socialwick is an online TikTok followers provider, but we have found some very concerning facts. Read about all Socialwick features and experiences

Are Socialwick followers real?

Socialwick TikTok Review

Socialwick claims to give you real TikTok followers that engage with your posts. However, after thoroughly testing their service, we can confidently say that all of their claims are, unfortunately, false.

Is Socialwick a scam?

We went ahead and created a brand new TikTok account, with no activity on it whatsoever. Next up, we ordered 1000 TikTok followers from, and we waited.

And waited..

And waited some more.

After 2 (!!) days, we finally received our followers (partially). And what can I say, the results were extremely disappointing. This is what you can expect:

Best Alternative to Socialwick

Tikdroid is the best alternative to Socialwick, and here’s why:

What Tikdroid has to offer

Sure, we’re biased, but we can actually deliver real and engaging TikTok followers, unlike any other website.

We’ve built our own TikTok engagement network, which allows us to promote Tikdroid customers and get them thousands of followers.

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Tikdroid has been the key to my success

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My TikToks are going viral every time, it’s crazy

It was very hard to get the ball rolling when I started out two months ago. I used Tikdroid to boost some of my TikToks and to my surprise they went mega viral. I owe everything to you!


Socialwick Review

Here’s everything you need to know before you order with Socialwick.

Socialwick Delivery Speed

Long story short: It took 2 days for the followers to arrive, and when they finally did, we were already disappointed with their service.

They claim to have instant delivery speeds, but after entering your credit card information and placing the order, you won’t hear back from them.

Does Socialwick offer any support?

No, Socialwick does not respond to any emails at all. When placing our order, we expected the followers to come in instantly (as advertised). After 12 hours we decided to contact their support team to see if something was amiss.

We never got any reply. The followers were eventually delivered, but that was 2 days later as mentioned before.

Does Socialwick hurt your TikTok account?

Usually, buying followers for TikTok is not a big deal. As long as you order them with a trusted provider that can guarantee real and active followers.

With Socialwick, however, this was not the case. The followers we received were empty bot accounts with no posts at all. TikTok detects this and it will definitely hurt your account. Luckily we used a test-account!

How safe is Socialwick?

Socialwick does not require your password or any other personal information, which is good as it protects you from data breaches.

Their checkout is protected by an extra security layer, which makes sure that your credit card information cannot be stolen.

All in all, we deem Socialwick safe to use from a payment perspective. However, we highly recommend against using Socialwick to boost your TikTok profile, as the fake followers they deliver will hurt your account.

Should I avoid Socialwick?

Yes. Avoid Socialwick at all costs. It is among the most untrustworthy places to buy TikTok followers from.

  1. Viralyft

What's the best alternative to Socialwick

Tikdroid is rated the #1 best alternative to buy TikTok followers, views and likes from. Tikdroid followers are 100% real and active.

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