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This Is How TikTok’s Algorithm Works!

Have you ever been scrolling through TikTok and wondered why some videos seem to do better than others? Whether you’re a creator yourself or someone who just likes to scroll, there’s no secret that a large part of success on TikTok can be owed to the platform’s algorithm. But how does TikTok’s algorithm work and how can it be used to drive more views and engagement?

What is the TikTok algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is the system that determines the type of videos that appear on your For You page. Each person’s For You page is based on their own individual preferences, state of mind and overall interests. It’s what makes the app so addicting! It shows you content that has been tailor-made just for you!

How does the algorithm work?

While none of us will ever have the full picture behind the TikTok algorithm, here’s what we know impacts your For You page:

  • Interactions: the type of videos you interact with (comments, likes, shares, favorites, etc)
  • Video details: this includes things such as captions, hashtags, sounds, trending topics and more
  • Account settings: this pertains to the country your account is set up in, language preference, interests

How can I use the algorithm to my advantage?

Have you ever created a TikTok video that only got a couple of hundred views? Maybe you spent hours upon hours creating the perfect video only to be let down by the so-called algorithm which didn’t showcase your video to other users. What gives?

One of the most important ways to drive views and increase engagement is to get people to stick around for your entire video. If they ditch your video after only a few seconds, this will hurt your chances of having your video blow up. So, make sure you hook your audience straight away with an intriguing hook to get them to finish the full clip.

It’s also important to focus on a niche. This is a great way for the TikTok algorithm to recognize your skills and expertise which will eventually lead to your video being shown to more users. A great way to niche down is through captions, hashtags, etc.

Lastly, it never hurts to stay on trend. While the bulk of your content can be original, posting videos to trending sounds is a great way for other people to discover your content organically. The TikTok algorithm favors trending sounds, so if you keep getting hit with low views and don’t know where to turn, start creating videos with trending sounds to reach more users.

How does TikTok’s algorithm work?

While there are certain things we know to be true about TikTok’s algorithm, much of people’s success on TikTok can be boiled down to luck, finding a relevant niche and posting videos with trending sounds. Try making shorter videos and resist the urge to delete old videos even if they didn’t perform well. Good luck!

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